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Access Control CCTV Fire Fighting Intrusion Detection


In Information Security, intrusion detection is the act of detecting actions that attempt to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a resource. Intrusion detection does not, in general, include prevention of intrusions.

Intrusion detection can be performed manually or automatically. Manual intrusion detection might take place by examining log files or other evidence for signs of intrusions, including network traffic. A system that performs automated intrusion detection is called an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). An IDS can be either host-based, if it monitors system calls or logs, or network-based if it monitors the flow of network packets. Modern IDSs are usually a combination of these two approaches. Another important distinction is between systems that identify patterns of traffic or application data presumed to be malicious (misuse detection systems), and systems that compare activities against a 'normal' baseline (anomaly detection systems).

When a probable intrusion is discovered by an IDS, typical actions to perform would be logging relevant information to a file or database, generating an email alert, or generating a message to a pager or mobile phone.

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SL-3 Sensor Cable with Multidirectional vibration fence Sensor Cable line, with 10 years Warranty


MBS-404, Non-armed Sensor Cable to be installed on the Top of a Wall. MBS-404 system is based on the Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) principle.


The TW - 8000 designed as an Anti -climb Detection fence to be installed on top of a wall or a fence, or as a full height fence or combined and integrated with other sensor, such as vibration sensor - SL -3.


RAZEALERT Barbed Tape combines perimeter physical barrier protection with real time location identification, specifically designed as a standalone barrier or an add-on to other physical barrier.
Any breach attempt by cutting triggers an alarm.


The DAF - 4000 - electronic decorative anti-climb fence. System has been specifically designed to maintain an innocent appearance, concealing the sensors, whilst giving continuous and accurate detection of human intrusion


The IVMD-909 employs algorithms of multi-video motion cells in the video frame, which allows high detection capability even for slow moving objects with extremely low rate of false alarms.


Wavealert Pipeline protection at the speed of Sound.


Leak within 20-30 seconds

With accuracy of 30-20 met

Hole size of 4-6 mm


Fibalert Marin net is the ideal solution of under water perimeter protect, The Fibalert composed of a special steel cable with the sensor installed and protected inside the center cable.


MBS -405 Buried Armed Sensor Cable, to be install in hard Surface, Detection is based on (MAD), Magnetic Anomaly Change Principle.


MICALERT - 303 line sensor cable is a passive electronic intrusion detector system, based on an audio frequency (AF) miniature sensor cable featuring digital signal processing (DSP)


RX-PAGE is an advanced wireless Paging system, providing reliable control for vital system functionality and notification.







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